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Oak Wilt Treatment Service In Ft. Worth,Dallas

If you are looking for a Tree Service who Knows About Oak Wilt and will go to any length to Prevent it.

Well Look no Further . The Tree Service Professionals here at Prichard Tree Care Are Here To Help.

We are certified arborists , and state licensed by the Texas department of agriculture to legally and

 safely administer medicaments to trees. We have several decades experience dealing, and treating Trees

infected with oak wilt. We take a systematic approach in our treatment strategy and take pride in the

results we have achieved.

1. No pruning FEB. 15  until July 1

2. Remove Rubbing limbs to avoid wounding

3. Seal Pruning Cuts with lac Balsam or Fiberglass Resin

4. Inject With Propiconazole 14.3

Oak Wilt Prevention Ft. Worth

Oak Wilt Treating Ft. Worth


Fungicide Injections

Macro - Infusion

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Oak Wilt is an aggressive fungal disease that kills several hundred

Oak Trees in Ft. Worth and surrounding areas each year. Oak Wilt

can be spread by root grafting from infected adjacent Oak Trees or

by sap feeding beetles. The fungus that causes Oak Wilt  invades the

water conducting vessels, which causes the leaves to wilt and die.

Oak wilt is easy to prevent yet difficult to treat . At Prichard Tree Care

we have had combined many years of research and experience to

properly diagnose and administer treatment for Oak Wilt. Our applicators

are state licensed by the Texas Department Of Agriculture and follow

the recommended treatment protocol set forth by the Texas A&M and

the Texas Forest Service.  If you suspect your Oak Trees of having Oak

Wilt and would like a professional diagnosis call us to schedule an



SINCE 1968

817 284-8307

Pesticide Applications / Oak Wilt treatments at Prichard Tree Care are administered by

certified arborists , state licensed pesticide applicators, and have received special

training from the Texas A&M forestry service in identification and management of Oak